Things you’d find in your pockets/medicine cabinet/bedside table/refrigerator/alimentary canal

pretty bedside table wallpaper tufted white headboard via

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “List Lesson.”

Bedside Table

1. Books I’m currently reading

2. A couple of Lighters (some functioning)

3. An empty pack of cigarettes

4. My passport

5. Flash cards

6. Tampons

7. Guitar strings

8. Old bus tickets in a metal Zippo box

9. Non-perscription glasses

10. Old concert stickers

11. Fake tattoos

12. A cookie tin box for pens and markers

13. A brand new hand fan

14. My old ipod

15. My old pencil case

16. A dustcloth

17. A tin box with beads

18. Sponge Bob Uno cards

19. Pine cones from Spain

20. Old Notebooks

21. A painting given to me by a friend

22. The bottom part of a laptop case

23. Antibiotics

24. My friend’s calculator I’ve had for about three years that I’ve never used (no batteries)

25. Fishing Wire

26. Patterned Paper

27. A Mcdonald’s toy

28. A tiny pillow

29. A sleep mask

30. Unread letters from friends


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