Pulled Over


July 1st 2015

3:09 PM

My boyfriend called me from work last morning. I was still asleep. He asked me to lend him some money I went out on the balcony barefoot, the sun had heated up the tiles and they burned my feet. I attached two clothes pins to a 10 and threw it to him. When I came back inside I realized I couldn’t sleep anymore and decided to get dressed and read but my friend Alec called me and asked me to go shop for a present with him. It was our friend’s birthday. I didn’t want to go because of the heat (I was going to by a present nearby) but I agreed anyways.

‘Why do you need me to go with you ?’ I asked him.

‘Stop pouting. I feel like a really cool guy when a girl like you is with me, beautiful.’

‘You know I don’t get hooked on texts like that.’

‘I’m serious.’

We bought our friend a knife. A big, black army knife. We wrapped it in Strawberry Shortcake paper and put a pink bow on it- he loved it. My friend has a beautiful house, with old vintage items and a marble bathroom I wanted to grab his things and run.

 After drinking some beer and talking some talks, I left early with my boyfriend Scott and my friend Tanya. Tanya’s boyfriend(?) and mine both have motorcycles, his name is Sam. We went up to one of the highest points in the city for the view. Scott tried to win me a bear in the shooting game. It was chilly, I was wearing his shirt and he was wearing mine. We stood leaning on his motorcycle as I kissed the back of his shoulder. The last time we wear up here, we got hit by a car on our way back. He didn’t have a license so hey took his bike. His bike didn’t want to start, it’s like it knew. But when he finally got it to start his headlight was flickering.

‘Why does the light do that ? Go off and come back on all of a sudden ?’

‘If I knew that mine would work.’

When we started heading back to town, life felt perfect as we passed by the lit up games meant for tourists, and the song I was listening to made everything seem like a movie. A cheesy teenage Rom-Com, but a movie nonetheless.

I told him to be careful. That it was the same road we got into an accident on. We started racing each other, at one point Scott reached over and pinched Tanya’s leg. The cops came after us and told us to pull over. They made them take Breathalyzers. Scott had had two beers at the party the cop smelled his breath and asked him what he drank.

‘Beer, but it was a long time ago.’

‘Blow into this tube for 10 seconds.’

He started blowing and the cop stopped him and then told him to continue.

‘I’m not good at blowing.’ He looked over at us and laughed.

Thankfully the two beers didn’t register on the breathalyzer. But they both got tickets for not having their headlights on.

We decided never to go up there again. At least not when Scott’s driving.


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