Kinds of kisses (or ten people you have kissed)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “List Lesson.”


Drunk Kisses

1. My first boyfriend after a couple of beers when I was fifteen in a public park.

2. One of my younger guy friends at a party after getting him drunk.

3. My next door neighbor at a concert demonstrating kissing during a kissing game after shots.

4. A red-head on a rooftop after some beer (one of the only few girls I’ve kisssed)

5. This guy at a party in the ruins of an old restaurant 5 minutes after meeting him. (vodka)

6. The bass player of this metal band in a tiny bathroom at a gallery. (sober)

7. An acquaintance of mine (he’s in jail now) after breaking up with my first boyfriend during a kissing game. (sober)

8. My girl cousin- we were practicing.(semi-drunk)

9. I was fifteen, he was about 21 we were drunk on my bed. (wasted)

10. My current boyfriend, the first time we kissed two years ago. (2 beers)

(This is not a full list)


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