In the Beginning


June 30th 2015

4:38 AM

I have become great friends with the night once more. We get reaquainted every summer as I lay in bed waiting for the sun- my signal to go to sleep. I really want a cigarette but it’s impossible, I can’t smoke when I’m at home for fear of being caught. Paranoia overcomes all emotions as I sit on my balcony pulling quiet drags. I have mastered the art of smoking quietly on my balcony but it’s still uncomfortable to do. I even found a way to avoid lighting my lighter outside and risking my mother hearing the click. I light a candle and take it outside and light my cigarette on its flame. So, I opened my window and leaned out a couple of minutes ago, thinking it was safer to smoke like that, but in three minutes a man came out on his balcony, a balcony that I only just noticed this summer (it’s probably new) turned the lights on, and just stood there. I swear he was watching me, it felt like he knew exactly what I was doing, that I was hiding, that it was ridiculous. I threw my cigarette out and came inside.

Everything on this blog will be 100% true. Except name’s (especially people’s) And some dates probably and other details that will help keep my anonymity. I wrote a cliché introduction that I accidentally deleted but I guess some things happen for a reason, I realize now that it was horrible.

I sit here, waiting for the birds to erupt in song as the minutes of my last teenage year tick away. Welcome~


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